Monday, June 30, 2014

Interview with Aletha J. Williams

Here's a quick reminder that our current challenge theme is choice of "No Lines" or "Color Bingo".  The challenge page is right here.  Deadline is Saturday, July 19, 2014, at 11:55 pm EDT.

I'm really glad you could stop by for the 8th installment of the Designer Interviews. Today, we are getting to know Aletha J. Williams!  Everyone, please meet Aletha.

Aletha J. Williams
Mitzi: I think the first card I saw from you that was made with one of my digi's was "Hydrangea Sprite" with "Believe" sentiment that you uploaded to the wall almost the day I first set up the FB group back in November of 2013. I remember the rich, luscious colors, and beautiful details throughout, which I've come to learn that are characteristic of your work. How long have you been coloring/paper crafting and how did you get started?

The bright and richly colored creation by Aletha with "Hydrangea Sprite".
Aletha:I have had some form of art in most of my adult life, but as far as coloring/paper crafting that began in 2000 with my plunge into Stampin’ Up! and working at Hobby Lobby (and, yes, Hobby Lobby got most of my check!). I have always been very good with colors and when I discovered Copics in 2009 (that’s when my health went you know where and I became disabled) the rest is history.

Mitzi: Oh, my.  I can just imagine how tempting to spend all the paycheck on things you see around you right at your workplace every day!  I've been in that situation.  I'm glad that you had your Copics to keep you busy when your health failed.  I would imagine that it helped you through to have an easy access art form close by.  Next question.  I couldn't help but notice you have made a lot of cards with my Sprites. What appeals do they have for you?

Aletha's beautiful card in shades of purple with "Fuchsia Sprite".
Aletha: Other than me being a big fan of fantasy, your Sprites are so much fun to color and create with. Also, our latest grandson was born in November 2013 and he has this otherworldly essence about him. He reminds me of your Sprites. This is also what his father, my son, looked like at his age.
Indeed!  He IS the Sprite baby!  CUTE~!!
Total cuteness!
Mitzi: Awww.  You're right!!  Your grandson does look like a sprite!  The outline of the face and those eyes!  Just adorable! :D  *squee*  Now, a totally random question for you...  Are you a cat person or a dog person? (I like to ask this often... ^^; )

Aletha: I am a cat person, meaning that I will take a cat before I take a dog, BUT I am a sucker for puppies and rescues! We have always had 3 dogs and 3 cats, but we are down to just one cat. LucyFur is 19 years old and still very active. I also love lizards and dragons, but my faux lizard and dragons will be the only ones I can have. 


Mitzi:  What an awesome name - LucyFur! That's wonderful that she's 19 years old and still healthy.  :D  And I love your dragon & lizard collection!  Now, Aletha, when you're not coloring and crafting, what do you enjoy doing?

Aletha: I love to shop online and spend my husband’s money! I have been going through pulmonary rehab lately, so there has not been much time for anything else.

Mitzi: Well, hey, what girl doesn't like Retail Therapy, right? ;)  I like shopping online between illustration sessions myself.  Hehe.   Now, here's my 'random' question for you.  What is your favorite genre of music?

Aletha: I really can’t say other than my tastes are eclectic. If I like the voice I usually want the album. I am really big fan of female recording artists: Merchant, Nix, Lorde, St. Vincent, etc.

A gorgeous mixed media piece with "White Poppy" digi.
Mitzi: Eclectic it is! I was curious what your answer was going to be since I couldn't guess what you'd say. ^_^  Now, something a little different... If you were to describe yourself as a single color, what would you see yourself as and why?

Aletha: I would have to say I am purple. You can combine so many colors with purple and they all pop!

Aletha's gorgeous "Petunia Sprite"in glorious purple.
This baby was commissioned by Aletha.
Mitzi:Aha!  I imagined you as a purple.  Probably because I've seen how you color your projects.  And from what I've seen, you use purple beautifully.  I love purple, too.  It's a color with a wonderful vibration.  Now, getting back to the topic of arts & crafts,  what is your favorite art/craft tool and why?  This is something I ask everyone. 

Aletha: I know that you asked for one, but I have three. First is my Xacto. When an image allows it, I fussy cut the images so my project will have a 3-D aspect to them. Next are my die-cutting machines, Big Shot and Grand Calibur.

Stunning DT work with "Chrysanthemum Festival".
Mitzi: That's great!  Hehe, I know I'd have a hard time narrowing down to one favorite tool, so I understand where you're coming from.  You do have the distinction of not pickcing Copics among my designers, though. :D   The next question is another one that I love asking everyone. Just for fun, when you were little, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Aletha: I really wanted to be an artist or a book maker. I loved making itty bitty books for my dolls who were my club members. Of course, I was always the president of said clubs. 

Mitzi: Oh, now, that's pretty cool!  ^_^  And here's my last question.  This is yet another one that I ask my designers in every interview.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to go visit?

Aletha: This is a toughie because I am on oxygen 24/7, but if I could get there somehow I would want to go to New Zealand!

Mitzi: Oooh,  New Zealand would be awesome!   *mind wandering*  Well, Aletha, thank you for the fun interview.  It was great getting to know you beyond the beautiful creations you make. ^_^ I'd also like to thank the readers who stopped by to join us.  Be sure to check out and give some love to Aletha's blogs.  She has two -- "AJ's Designs" here and "AJ's Alternative Endeavors" here.

I'll show you some more of Aletha's fabulous creations here.  Enjoy!

Beautiful in shades of purple with "Bluebell Sprite 2".
Striking in green and purple with "Rose Fairy 2".
Gorgeous colors and stunning design with "Snapdragon Sprite".
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Till next time, happy coloring!! :D

Monday, June 16, 2014

Challenge #4 No Lines or Color Bingo

Welcome back to our fourth challenge here at Aurora Wings. Please scroll down for our Winner's Post for Challenge #3. Mitzi and the team wish to thank you for all the amazing entries for our Butterflies challenge and hope you join us again for our Challenge #4 with the theme of

This month we're giving you a choice to try your hand at No Lines Coloring, (search "no lines coloring" for resources if you are unfamiliar with the technique, or check out Alyce Keegan's tutorial below) but if you find that more of a challenge than you're up to, you have the option of choosing a color scheme from our Color Bingo Card, either down, across or diagonally.   You can choose to work with a range of shades within a given color, from intensely saturated to more delicate.   The colors do not have to be exactly the intensity of the shades presented in the Color Bingo Card.
 If you really want to challenge yourself, try BOTH.  However, we still DO need to see a hand colored digital or rubber stamp as well, to be eligible. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Our prizes each month will include:

1 (one) Artist's Choice Award Winner to be selected from entries using Aurora Wings digis ($20 GC and Badge)

1 (one) Random Winner ($20 GC)

Top 3 Winners to be chosen by the DT ($10 GC and Badge)

And don't forget our  Clean and Simple Contest is still going on through June 30th on our Facebook Group Page.

No Lines Tutorial by Alyce 

Now how about some inspiration from our fabulous team?

Debbie using Hydrangea Fairy 2 and No Lines Technique

Karina using Hydrangea Fairy and No Lines Technique

Gloria using Steampunk Owl and No Lines Technique.

Aletha using Chrysanthemum Festival and Color Bingo Black/Yellow/Blue
Janet  using Orchid Fairy and Color Bingo Green/Red/Purple

and Color Bingo White/Red/Blue

Sandra Using Bone Queen and Color Bingo Black/Green/White

Lorraine using Marie Antionette and Color Bingo White/Brown/Pink 

We certainly would be thrilled if you would visit our individual blogs to find out more about these fabulous creations and leave us a little love. xx

The challenge will be open until 12:00 pm EDT June 16th. Entries posted prior to June 16th will be deleted. All entries must have a hand colored digital or rubber stamp on their completed project to be eligible. Please follow the chosen theme. ONE entry per person if not using an Aurora Wings image, THREE entry limit if ALL entries include an Aurora Wings stamp. You may enter your project in as many other challenges as desired. Please link to your POST address, NOT your BLOG address and link back to the Aurora Wings Challenge Blog. We would greatly appreciate you removing word verification and switching to comment moderation if you fear spam. In fairness to all, those not following the rules will be deleted. Thank you for your understanding and please have fun. We look forward to your fabulous creations.

Challenge #3 Winner's Post

Mitzi and the team want to thank you all for the fabulous entries for our Butterflies Challenge. Again, the creations were AMAZING making our winners choices so difficult. However, choose we did, so without further ado.....

The ARTIST'S CHOICE AWARD ($20 GC and Badge) chosen my Mitzi from among the entrants using Aurora Wings images goes to # 66 - Laila aka Koneko

The RANDOM WINNER ($20 GC) goes to # 7 - Debbie S

And the Top 3 ($10 GC and Badge) in no particular order, chosen by the Design Team
from ALL the entries goes to

#4 Eileen

#55 Ilvia 

A huge Congratulations to our fabulous winners! Please e-mail Mitzi at studiomiyabi (at) aol (dot) com, with subject line "AW challenge blog ACA winner/top3/random winner" with your list of LINKS (not the titles of the digis) to the digis you wish to receive up to the total amount of your prize (all values are in USD) to receive your prize.

Hope to see you all back for our fourth challenge which goes live at 12:00pm EDT today.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Interview with Janet Babar

Hi, everyone!  Mitzi here.  Today I have another Designer Interview to share with you.  But first, I would like to remind you to check out our Butterflies challenge that is currently going on.  Our designers have outdone themselves yet again with mindblowing inspiration pieces that will get your creative juices flowing, guaranteed!  The deadline is Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 11:55 pm EDT, so get coloring and crafting~!

Click here to go directly to the Butterflies challenge page for all the important information.

Now, without further ado, please welcome Janet Babar to the interview~!!  She is one of the three designers who joined Aurora Wings' Design Team starting in April.  I will be bringing the interviews with the remaining two designers in the upcoming months.

Janet Babar
Mitzi:  I think the first card I saw from you that was made with one of my digi's was "Bone Queen" that you submitted into Feb. 2014's FB group contest. Your take of it in shades of blue was so unexpected as most people see poppies and they usually think 'red'. I loved the beautiful paper and a bold use of black accents on that creation. How long have you been coloring/paper crafting and how did you get started?

Janet: Blue Himalayan Poppies are one of my favourite flowers,.
I met a wonderful lady when on holiday in Cuba in 2005.  Once when her and OH came to stay, she wanted to go to a craft shop as she had made cards for years.  She now designs craft CDs and I am on her DT. While in the craft shop she bought me some crafty stuff, gems papers, craft knife (which I still cannot use LOL), etc., and from then on I was hooked.
Janet's awesome card with "Bone Queen" and "Oriental Poppy".
Mitzi: Your coloring and card-making skills are impressive. Do you have any secret (or not so known) skills that others don't know about?

Thank you for the compliment, Mitzi,  Any skill I have has come from practising especially with colouring I don't think I have any skill that any other crafters don't know about.  All I know is that my cards have changed beyond recognition from when I first started and are still changing as I learn new techniques. 
Janet's winning card (Feb. 2014) with "Girl Flower Butterfly".
Mitzi: Next question.  Do you have a neatly organized crafting space (That's what I'm guessing...) or do you craft anywhere inspiration strikes regardless of where you happen to be?

Janet: Ha ha, it is neat and tidy as long as I don't go in there.  Otherwise, it is a complete tip.  This photo was taken when it had just been painted and a new carpet fitted.

Definitely lots of storage space!
Mitzi: Wow!  Looks nice in there. Hehe.  Curious what it looks like when you've been busy in there...  OK, next question.  When you're not coloring and crafting, what do you enjoy doing?

Janet: Nothing !!  We live in a quite large house that was built in the 1700s, so there is always something that wants fixing apart from that I do like to go on holiday.

Janet's awesome shadowbox with "Santa Muerte".
Mitzi: Haha.  Your house sounds romantic, but it does sound high maintemance. ^^;  Now, I have a few random questions for you, just for fun.  What is your favorite genre of movies?

Janet: Murder mysteries.

Mitzi:  I didn't know what to expect from you on that one.  Cool!  OK, continuing on the 'random fun' question... If you were to describe yourself as a single type of flower, what would you see yourself as?

Janet: Lily because it is tall, slim, and elegant just like I would love to be!

Yet another gorgeous work by Janet with "Lily Lily".
Mitzi: Lovely pick! Now getting back a little bit on track of discussing crafts, what is your favorite art/craft tool and why?

Janet: Alcohol pens (Copic, Promarker, Graph'it,  etc.) because I absolutely love colouring, oh, and my Ebosser for cutting dies and embossing because I nearly always put dies and/or embossing on my cards.

Mitzi:  I guess alcohol pens of one brand or another have been the favorite tools of everyone here so far.  No surprise.  OK, here's one of my favorite questions just for fun.   When you were little, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Janet: I always wanted to be a nurse, and that is what I did. 
Bright and sunny with "Dandelion Sprite".
Mitzi: Awesome!  Last question. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to go visit?

Janet: We have travelled a lot to Europe and the Caribbean, and I have loved every place we have visited, but the one place I would travel to again if given chance would be the 1st place we ever went and that was an Island called Mali Losin, which is in Croatia (It was Yugoslavia when we visited.).

Mitzi: Yes, you were on holiday when we first talked about your joining the design team, too.  I hope I get to be as well travelled as you are someday. ^_^  Well, thank you for joining me here today for this interview, Janet!  It was fun getting to know you.  You've been pumping out one impressive creation after another ever since you joined our team.  I would like to take this moment here to showcase some of my favorites from you.  And readers, please go visit her fabulous blog to see more of her beautiful crafts (each with more photos).  

Delightful Asian theme throughout with "Chrysanthemum Festival".

Stunning beauty with "Crimson Wings".
Beautiful card with "Steampunk Angel".
Gorgeous card with "Viridis Incendia".
Beautifully masculine card with "Tempest of Ice".
"Wedding Couple" with perfect embellishments.

Aren't these just gorgeous?  I hope you enjoyed reading the interview with Janet today and loved what you saw in these pics.  Thank you for joining us today!

I just want to remind our readers/followers one more time about the Butterflies challenge going on right now.  All you need is a butterfly in some way, shape, or form incorporated in your creation whether it be in the hand-colored image itself, die-cuts, or other embellishments used.  Easy enough and fun for everyone, right? :D  So, join today with your lovely creation!!

I would also like to mention our very active FB group, if you're not already a member.  We have members posting creations daily, monthly contests (which you can enter without having a blog, for those of you who don't have one), special events, and special offers for members only.  Hope you can join us at the FB group, too!