Design Teams

Please meet the fabulous ladies of my design teams!!  I am absolutely thrilled to be working with the talented designers who have so kindly agreed to be on my teams!  -- Mitzi

Aurora DT

Donna Mundinger   Challenge Blog Coordinator

"Hi, I'm Donna Mundinger and I'm thrilled to be joining the Aurora Wings Design Team. I live with my hubby of 40 years in the East Bay of San Francisco and our two Pixie Bob kitties, Goliath and Jezebel.

I've been crafting since I was little, but seriously papercrafting since 2008, with the purchase of a Cricut. Since then, I've expanded my horizons and become head over heels in love with coloring with my Copics. I'm especially fond of the versatility of digi stamps and Mitzi's fabulous fantasy designs transport me to a world of whimsy and wonder. I love being a part of the crafting community and sharing ideas with the supportive people I've met through Design Teams, Forums, Blogging and Facebook Groups from all over the world."

Donna's blog

Projects by Donna

Debbie Pamment

"Hi everyone, my name is Debbie Pamment and I am over the moon excited to have been asked to join Mitzi's inaugural DT. I live in Melbourne, Australia and it's an AWESOME place to live...except to the excessive Summer heat and big hairy spiders (shudder) - I don't do heat or spiders very well - LOL.

My family are the loves of my life - I have 2 gorgeous kids - a 21 yo girl and a 15 yo boy - and I am grateful they let me disappear and 'play' in my craftroom because it makes me happy. They will wander in and have a chat at times but know from the sounds within when it's not a good time to visit  ;)

I have been crafting practically all my life and love most types of craft. My kids love fossicking in my craft room at school project time because I have so many odds and ends in there from all my different crafting adventures for them to use - it's like a treasure hunt. My hobby keeps me sane....most of the time :) "

Cards by Debbie

Silvia Sencaka
"Hello, my name is Silvia Sencaka.  I live in Indonesia with my husband and one cute daughter.

I have been into card and colouring since March 2014. In May 2014, I found Aurora Wings stamp, and have been lost into Mitzi's fantasy world since then.

It is an honour to become AW Showcase Blog designer and work among talented ladies. And... I love to play with Mitzi's new digi's before they are released to the public! It is fun to tease and make curious all AW fans lol. 

xoxo, Silvia"

Dawn Sirdefield
"Hi, my name is Dawn, and I have been married to my husband and best friend, Graham, for 34 years this coming June.  When my daughter was born 29 years ago this March, I decided that I would start and make my own cards to try and save a bit of money.  I started out with a tool box that the chaps use for their tools, and now I have my own craft room, so I guess you could say that I am hooked.

I live in Eccleshall, Stafford in the United Kingdom, and am happy to say that I am now retired from a too-stressful job in the NHS.  My darling daughter has given me three adorable grandchildren who are the very centre of my world.

I am super super excited and delighted to have been asked to join the uber talented design team at Aurora Wings, and hope that I can do it justice.  I am so looking forward to using more and more of Mitzi's wonderful images to hopefully inspire you all."

Susan Sudbury
"Hi!!! I'm Susan, and I live in beautiful Saskatchewan, Canada, with my dog, Java, and my 4 birds - Huey, Luey, Duey, and Stuey (otherwise known as the Uey's).  I work as an office manager, which I love, because I get to color at work!  

I've always been crafty, dabbling in pretty much everything except for knitting and crocheting...My brain stops there!  I got into paper crafts about 12 years ago, when my daughter introduced me to an online swapping community, and I dove into ATCs.  After making and trading close to 7 thousand of these, I got the notion of maybe trying to make a card... and I haven't looked back since!!  

My son convinced me to start blogging, and 4 years ago, I set up (named after my kids, Eden and Landon).  The prize for the very first challenge I won was from Aurora Wings ... best thing ever!!!  Again, I haven't looked back from these wonderful images!  I am so very thrilled and honored to be part of the Aurora team!!!"

Alison Heikkila
"Hi, my name is Alison, and I'm so thrilled to be a part of the Aurora Wings Design Team.  I have been a crafter since I could hold a crayon, thanks to my mom and her endless creativity.  I love doing all sorts of crafts, from card making and scrapbooking, to mixed media and jewelry making.  I also have a love for fine art, so I love to paint and sculpt as well.

I am a happily married woman and a mom of 2 delightfully creative kids.  I'm so lucky to have a supportive and creative family.  We reside on Long Island in New York.  We've got 2 black cats and 2 dogs.  Besides arts and crafts, I love to read, play video games, and do fun things with my family.

I look so forward to sharing my Aurora Wings projects with you.  These digis are such a joy to work with, and I'm honored to be here."

"Hi, my name is Jane but I like to go under the name of Mimi when in the crafting world.  I know Mimi is a bit of an odd name but growing up and seeming to find every other person at that time called Jane I wanted something different.  Mimi was the name of the first dog I bought my hubby a few years after we were married and then when I became a grandmother I really did not want to be called Granny so did a search for funky granny names and found Mimi there too lol.

I have been married for 38 years now and been so privileged to have lived in several countries around the world all my life.  I was born in Nigeria, lived in Zambia, married in Kenya and the last 15 years have been in Saudi Arabia.  Between those times I also lived in my home country, the UK where I now live as hubby and I are newly retired.

Art and craft has been a part of my life since I was a wee girl, loosing myself in colour with my pens and paints was a way to find peace and stability in what was sometimes a hectic days.  I have been making cards since around 2010 but before that I used to watercolour birds and flowers.  Alas I can't draw for toffee so having wonderful images like those drawn by Mitzi allows me to play with my colours without the stress of trying to get the lines in the right place. I am so happy to be part of this wonderful design team and am looking forward to the adventures through colouring we have together."
* * *

Stella DT

Marion Lones

"Hello, everyone!  My name is Marion Lones.  I live with my husband and two darling black cats in the Netherlands.  The black cats are sisters, and they are called Moppie and Droppie. The Aurora Wings images are one of my favorites to colour. They are so detailed, and it is always a pleasure to colour up one of them. Especially cat images are my favorite, but in general, animals are my favorite coloring subjects. I started making cards in 2000. Back then it was 3D. The coloring of images came afterwards. I love to colour with different mediums. Copics and pencils are my favorite mediums at the moment. Most days are filled with colouring, even though it is just a little bit of time I have, as it is so relaxing. Usually my creations are hand stitched and contain a little black cat somewhere. Making creations as a member of the Aurora Wings DT truly was a dream come true."

Marion's blog

Sara Pyper
 "Hey there!!  You want to know alittle about me?  Hmmm... I'm a mom of 2 beautiful little girls. My wonderful husband and I have been together for 10 years and married for 7.

I have been creating since I was a young teenager but only really got to be serious since my daughters were born. I work part time evenings so I can be home raising our daughters in the day time and creating beautiful things and make alittle spending money in the evenings to pay for the supplies to create the beautiful things! LOL

Hubby is crazy supportive of the new roles I have developed in the online crafting world and is always so proud of the things I create! I am so blessed to have him and little girls that squeal "Mommy its perfect!!" supporting me on my creative journey!

I am so thrilled to be on the Aurora Wings Design Team and I cannot believe she has allowed me to stay so long! I cannot wait to keep working with the amazing images for a very long time!!"

Sara's blog


 "Hello, everyone.  My name's Aurora Aurelia.  Prefer to be called RoRa.. because I thought my full name is too romantic for me lol.  I'm a freelance tour leader living in Jakarta Indonesia, one of the most beautiful tropical country in the world <3.  My hobby including enjoying art (music, dancing and drawing), history, archaeology, mythology and of course travelling.
I start to know paper crafting since 2013 started with scrapbooking.. then I focus in card making and colouring, sometimes also making altered and mixed media project.  At time being I use Copic mostly in my colouring, sometimes also using distress ink and coloured pencils, but since Copic is faster than the 2 other, I prefer Copic hahaha.

I felt in love with Mitzi's images .. specially the Orientals and gothic style ones (ou yaaa I loveee making dark, gothic and Halloween project fufufu).  They are soooo awesome. Sometimes I also felt a bit nervous that I will ruin the beauty of those gorgeous images, but as time goes I feel a bit more confident to colour them :D 

It is really an honour for me to be part of Mitzi' Stella team. I'm sooo excited to have fun with those gorgeous images as well as working with other talented ladies here.. thank you Mitzi *mwach* .. "

Myndi Fraser
 "Hi, everyone!  I'm Myndi, and I live in Alberta, Canada, with my husband, four of my five kids, and one Ragdoll cat.  I have lived all over the world, from Guam to Germany, and lots of places in between.  I served a few years in the U.S. Air Force, and worked for a construction company before having my last four children.  Now I am a SAHM and loving it.  It is the best job yet!

I taught myself how to crochet about 12 years ago, and after that I was addicted to anything crafty. I started making simple little cards for my family, and it has really grown into something that I just LOVE to do. Aurora Wings was one of the first digital stamp companies that I found when I started coloring with Copics a few years ago, and I fell in love with the beautiful images that Mitzi created. Now I am learning to color with pencils as well, and that is a time consuming challenge. I love the look of the final product though, so the hours of work that go into it are worth it.

I am so excited to be part of the Stella DT with these other uber-talented designers! I hope you are inspired by Mitzi's art, like I am, and by my AW creations as well. xx"

Myndi's blog

Ann-Marie Johansson
 "My name is Ann-Marie Johansson, but my blog is called Annemis.  This name is what my aunt called me since I was a toddler. I'm married to Magnus, and we've got 4 boys together. We live in the countryside in the south of Sweden. I've been crafting all my life with different things, knitting, crochet, embroidery, and pimping my photo albums (Didn't know that was called scrapbooking when I did For some years now, I've mostly colored and loved it. I think I have tested almost every single color medium there is, but for now, I mostly use Copics and pencils."

Ann-Marie's blog

Cristena Concialloni-Bagne
 " I am fiercely committed and passionate about letting all who 'think' they are not creative to achieve opening the creative door and unleash the knowledge that it is okay to copy, it is how we all learn to create and find our own style. After years of being in the transportation industry, everything from being a flight attendant to insurance underwriter for ocean freight, and years of being behind the scenes keeping buyers safe from fraudulent merchants as a fraud investigator for, the thought of a night or day of crafting is relaxing and a lot cheaper than a therapy session. Jobs such as the ones I've had in the past make the thought of mistakes actually fun! "There are no mistakes in stamping, it makes perfect opportunities for more great embellishments", this is coming from someone that thought the first Stampin' Up! Workshop she was invited to was a postage stamp party, and didn't know why she was even going in the first place. I started my love of crafting in Washington where I lived for 14 years. I now live in Southern California with my very supportive husband and 2 wonderful children."

Cristena's blog

Laine Webb
 "Hello to everyone! My name is Laine, and I am thrilled to join the fabulous Aurora Wings Design Team. Being a huge admirer of Mitzi's artwork, it is a delight for me to be a part of this talented group of designers. Coloring these stunning pieces will be a joy.

I like to color in all formats/mediums, and at present, favor pencil coloring. Digi stamps are a passion as I love the versatility they provide.

My craft journey has been very exciting. I have worked in many aspects of craft. This includes designing for various craft companies/blogs/magazines/challenges. My work has been featured on TV in the UK, USA, and throughout Europe. On a personal note, I live in the UK with my husband of almost 42 years. He is very supportive and tolerant of my crafting obsession!"

Laine's blog


Jennie - The Crafty Wife said...

What a talented line up!

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Thank you, Jennie!! I'm a lucky girl. *tears up*

Unknown said...

What a talented bunch

Unknown said...

It looks like you have picked a very talented team. Congratulations to all of you! Have fun!

Cumbrianlass said...

Wow so many talented girls congratulations to all of them xxx

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Aren't they? :D I'm so excited to be working with them. Thank you for stopping by today, Sheena!

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Aww, thank you, Aletha. :D We will!! Thank you so much for following! *hugs* Mitzi

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Thank you for stopping by today in support of my blog and team, Janet! *hugs*

Linda Simpson said...

Talented design team and looking forward to seeing the blog go from strength to strength.

Linda xxxx

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Thank you for your kind words of support, Linda! *hugs* Mitzi

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

congrats and good luck on your new venture - as if you'll need it with this very talented bunch of girls behind you xxx

Catz said...

Congrats Mitzi and the lovely women on the DT, great lineup here! All very talented! :)

CaroleAnn said...

Congrats and good luck to this great adventure! A great group of talented and inspiring artists! I can't wait to see what you all design! So much fun awaits us all. Looking forward to the Challenge Blog!! Hugs

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Thank you so much, Helen!! *hugs* Mitzi

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Thank you so much, Catz!! *hugs* Mitzi

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement, CaroleAnn! Most appreciated. *hugs* Mitzi

Sharman said...

EXCELLENT choices Mitzi. They are going to be such a talented group of ladies for you and for us. So happy that you are doing this and so happy that you have an awesome bunch of gils and so happy that we will be seeing a ton of gorgeous cards on here.. Happy Happy Happy!!!!!!

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Aww, thank you so much for your support, Sharman!! *hugs* Mitzi

Unknown said...

what a fabulous line up! Such a talented bunch of ladies :)

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Aren't they? :D I'm so thrilled to have them on my team!

Katya said...

Congratulations ladies. Can't wait to see your awesome work with these beautiful stamps.

charlene said...

Wow what a great group of talented ladies can't wait for this to get going and see all fo the beautiful creations!

Crafty Sandy's Cards said...

Oh my goodness what a wonderful group of Ladies you have chosen Mitzi. Can't wait to see all the lovely creations, Congratulations for the future and if you should need more DT's in the future please don't forget me - humble as I am..
Hugs and big warm smiles xxx

Lynsey's craft by the ocean said...

I have just recently discovered your stamps and just love, love, love looking at all the DT's, also always get such positive remarks on fb. Thank you for making me so welcome

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