Monday, August 18, 2014

Challenge #6 Under the Sea

Welcome back to our sixth challenge here at Aurora Wings. Please scroll down for our Winner's Post for Challenge #5. Mitzi and the team wish to thank you for all the amazing entries for our Sprite Delight Challenge and hope you join us again for our Challenge #6 with the theme of

Those using an Aurora Wings image may enter up to THREE times, but those of you choosing a stamps from another company must limit your entry to ONE.  And please remember, we DO need to see a hand colored digital or rubber stamp , to be eligible. 

Our prizes each month will include:

1 (one) Artist's Choice Award Winner to be selected from entries using Aurora Wings digis ($20 GC and Badge)

1 (one) Random Winner ($20 GC)

Top 3 Winners to be chosen by the DT ($10 GC and Badge)

And don't forget our Mermaid Madness Contest is still going on through August 31st on our Facebook Group Page.  That's a double chance of winning!  WooHoo!  Please be advised though, we cannot accept entries here that precede today's challenge date.  However, those entries from today through the 31st may enter in BOTH competitions.

 Before we go on to the fabulous team inspiration, we must say a fond farewell to our lovely DT Sister Aletha J. Willliams , who is stepping down from the team for health reasons.  Thank you, Aletha, for your friendship, amazing coloring inspiration, and fabulous creations. We wish you all the luck in the world in your future endeavors and hope you won't be a stranger to Aurora Wings.  Take care.

So are you ready for some fabulous DT inspiration?  Well, lets get on with it, shall we?

First off though, let's welcome our fabulous Guest Designer, Charlene Short.  Charlene is a regular in Aurora Wings contests and challenges and continually wows us with her fabulous coloring and design.  We're just thrilled that she could join us this month for our Under the Sea Challenge.

The challenge will be open until 9:00 am EDT August 18th and close at 11:55pm Saturday September 13th. Entries posted prior to August 18th will be deleted. All entries must have a hand colored digital or rubber stamp on their completed project to be eligible. Please follow the chosen theme. ONE entry per person if not using an Aurora Wings image, THREE entry limit if ALL entries include an Aurora Wings stamp. You may enter your project in as many other challenges as desired. Please link to your POST address, NOT your BLOG address and link back to the Aurora Wings Challenge Blog. We would greatly appreciate you removing word verification and switching to comment moderation if you fear spam. In fairness to all, those not following the rules will be deleted. Thank you for your understanding and please have fun. We look forward to your fabulous creations.

Also, because of the difficulties we have experienced with Facebook entries, I regret that we will no longer be accepting them on the Challenge Blog.  I'm so sorry, but we do have a Mermaid Madness Contest currently running on our Facebook page, so you are welcome to post your appropriate entries there through August 31st.  Thank you for your understanding.  However, if you do not have a blog and would still like to enter the challenge,  please email me at dlmundinger(at)gmail(dot)com with your name, a picture of your entry and Aurora Wings Challenge # 6 in the subject line, and I will add it to the Linky so you can participate.  Hopefully this will accommodate everyone.  xx

Challenge #5 Winner's Post

Mitzi and the team want to thank you all for the fabulous entries for our Sprite Delight Challenge. It certainly was a delight to see your versions of those adorable whimsical creatures. Again, the creations were AMAZING, making our winners choices so difficult. However, choose we did, so without further ado.....

The ARTIST'S CHOICE AWARD ($20 GC and Badge) chosen by Mitzi from among the entrants using Aurora Wings images goes to

The RANDOM WINNER ($20 GC) goes to

And the Top 3 ($10 GC and Badge) in no particular order, chosen by the Design Team
from ALL the entries goes to

#51 Katie K

A huge Congratulations to our fabulous winners! Please e-mail Mitzi at studiomiyabi (at) aol (dot) com, with subject line "AW challenge blog ACA winner/top3/random winner" with your list of LINKS (not the titles of the digis) to the digis you wish to receive up to the total amount of your prize (all values are in USD) to receive your prize.

Hope to see you all back for our sixth challenge which goes live at our new earlier time, 9:00 am EDT today.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Interview with Karina Creawitch

Hello, everyone!  Thank you for stopping by AuroraWings Challenge Blog for another designer interview.  First, I'd like to remind you about the current challenge Sprite Delight that will be closing this Saturday, August 16, at 11:55 pm EDT.

Click HERE to go directly to the challenge page for all the info and submitting your entry.

Now that our little reminder announcement is out of the way, I'd like to introduce you to AW Design Team member, Karina Creawitch, in our 9th installment of Designer Interview.  Everyone, please welcome Karina!

Karina Creawitch
Mitzi: I think the first card I saw from you that was made with one of my digi's was "Rose Fairy 2" that you entered into the "Your Favorite Flowers" Contest. I remember the beautiful coloring on the image, and all the soft, feminine details on the project. How long have you been coloring/paper crafting and how did you get started?

Karina's gorgeous creation with "Rose Fairy 2".

Karina: I discovered rubber stamps quite some years ago and fell in love with what you can do with them. But at that time, no one knew how this 'scene' will develop. Back then you hadn't any designer papers and had to create your own backgrounds. When the first papers showed up I HAD to HAVE them. I would name myself as a 'paper fetishist' as I never can resist when new gorgeous papers are available… I already colored the images then, but this coloring is definitely not to compare with the one I'm doing today. I started coloring with pencils, now I color with Distress Inks and Copics. This totally depends on the images what coloring medium I use.

Mitzi: Well, you certainly have developed quite a skill.  Your coloring is fantastic!  And I did notice your use of pretty background papers.  Now we know why. :D  Next questions for you.  What does your crafting area look like? Do you multi-task when you're working (like listen to music)?

Karina: Can we go to the next question??... hehe :-) Well, I must confess I am a messy crafter. When I tidy up my crafting area it lasts minimum a day to almost looks like before again... I love to see others crafting area, so I will show you mine too... of course after tidying it up.

Sometimes I create multi-tasking, sometimes not... it totally depends on my mood. When I have a hectic working day I prefer to have it quiet... no music, not tv! Sometimes I like to have some music on while creating. And on weekends I love to color in the living room in front of TV and watching / listening to a movie.

Mitzi: Your work space looks great!  Everything is within easy reach and so well organized.  I can't show my work area to people in a hundred years even if I tried.  lol

And now my favorite part.   From the short bio on the DT section, I know that you're a cat person. :D What are your three kitties' names and what do they look like? (Crazy Cat Lady wants to know!)

Karina: Oh yes... I looooove cats!! Animals in general, but I am really a cat person. My three sweeties are of three different ages. Let us begin with our Senior; 'Jeremy'… he's 17 years old and an European Shorthair. My old boy is very affectionate, the older the more… Then I have 'Leilani' my 4.5 years young little princess, a Maine Coon lady. She is a small cat for her breed. I also had her brother 'Nino' until October last year. It was so hard to lose him after an intestinal obstruction. Then 'Leonardo' moved in, a Maine Coon too. A red one and full of spirits, his head full of foolings. He’s 11 months now… See some photos of my sweeties below.

Mitzi: Awww, they're all so beautiful!! I want to pick them up and cuddle. ^_^  Thank you so much for sharing your cute kitties pictures with us, Karina!

Now off to the next question.  When you're not coloring and crafting, what do you enjoy doing?

Karina: My other interes
ts are photographing, cooking, baking, reading, movies… but my main spare time goes for crafting!

Mitzi: Photography is a good hobby that compliments crafting, isn't it?  We all need good pics for the blog posts.  :D  And your vacation photos you shared with us on your blog were all delightful!  Speaking of movies, what is your favorite genre of movies?

Karina: I especially love to see German movies as comedies, series and crime thrillers. And also Fantasy and Horror movies.

Karina's striking creation with "Memento Mori"

Mitzi: Cool!  I haven't had a chance to see German movies, but I'd love to check some out some day.  I do love watching low-budget Japanese horror movies and their Hollywood remakes with my daughter, too.

Here's a random question for you just for fun.  If you could be any animal for a day, what would you like to be and why?

Karina: The first thought coming in my mind is; a bird… I would love to fly in the sky, looking down to the landscape, hiding in a tree and watching what's going on around, feeling the wind in the feathers, feeling lighthearted and free… don't know if a bird really feels like this, but it is what I imagine a bird is feeling.

Precious in soft colors with "Mer-Baby".
Mitzi: (And the hungry eyes of a cat that's hiding behind the shrub... probably.  XD ) 

And how a classic crafter's question.  What is your favorite art/craft tool and why?

Karina: I never could be without my die cutting machine and dies. I using at least one die cut piece on each of my projects. 

Mitzi: Somewhat surprised to hear another designer say something other than "Copics".  That's awesome!  Now that's something I've never put my hands on as an artist, but seeing what they can produce, it must be totally awesome to own one of these machines.  
Now here's a question I also ask everyone for the fun of it.  Karina, when you were little, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Karina: Veterinary assistant, Graphic Designer or Florist. For different reasons I ended up as a Secretary. The more important it is for me to be surrounded with animals, creativity and Nature in my spare time…

Mitzi: How cool!  You said two of the things I also wanted to be when I was a kid - vet's assistant and florist. :D  I can totally understand what you mean there.  (Plus, I don't think I'd have the stomach to see animals in suffering day in day out...)  I think it's great that as we become adults, many of us figure out the ways to have everything we love and enjoy in some kind of balance in our lives.

Last question. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to go visit?

Karina: I am happy that I already was able to see quite some different places on Earth. But I still have several places in mind I want to see one day. On top of my list are Scandinavian countries just as Sweden, Norway, Finland. 

Mitzi: Nice!  Scandinavia fascinates my family also.  My husband's ancestors are from Denmark and Norway.  We'd love to visit someday.  Well, Karina, thank you so much for the fun interview!  It was fun getting to know you.

I hope the readers who joined us today also had fun. ^_^  Now I'd like to wrap this interview up by showcasing some more of Karina's beautiful work.

Delicate and feminine in shades of lavender with "Hydrangea Sprite".
Stunningly beautiful creation with "White Poppy".
Delicate coloring in refreshing shades of green on soft white with "Calla Lily Sprite".

No-lines coloring technique with monochromatic approach with "Hydrangea Fairy".
Cute and charming in marzipan colors with "Marie Nyantoinette".
These are just a sampling of Karina's signature work with lovely color combinations and feminine designs.  Please check out her blog for even more of her gorgeous creations here.

Thank you again for joining us today for the Designer Interview.  Till next time, happy coloring~!