Monday, February 17, 2014

Interview with Sandra Carey

Welcome to the Designer Interview #3!  Once again, I'm your host, Mitzi. *waves*  I'm so glad you can join us!  Today, I'll be introducing you to Sandra Carey.  Please welcome, Sandra!

Sandra Carey
Mitzi: I think the first card I saw from you that was made with one of my digi's was "Las Calaveras" (Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Catrina), which made a huge impression on me. I loved the monochromatic color scheme you chose and all the embellishment that you made the card with. The visual impact was complex, yet inviting. How long have you been coloring/paper crafting and how did you get started?

Sandra's stunning card with "Las Calaveras"
Sandra: Yes, that was the first card I made with one of your Digis and fell in love with them all. I have only been colouring for about a year and still have a lot to learn.I started cardmaking quite a few years ago when i made one for a friend, and haven't stopped. I love all types of arts and crafts, and did art as part of my GCSE's* as growing up, but was not able to follow my dreams . I love to colour with my son who is also doing art GCSE's and also A levels next year .
*General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an academic qualification awarded in a specified subject, generally taken in a number of subjects by students aged 14-16 in secondary education in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Mitzi: That's awesome!  Talent for art runs in your family.  Next question.  Some people find a layout or a style that works particularly well for them and stick with it. In your work, I see a delightful creativity that is fluid and not fixed or static. Each of your projects is distinctly different, yet all are so well done. This gives me the impression that you are one of those people who are good at most everything they try their hands at. Do you have some skills that you excell at that not very many people know about?

Sandra: When you apply for a design team, they often ask about your style, I and I always say I don't have one particular style. I always go with how the image makes me feel which I think puts people off but I do like to try my hand at different things even if it does not go to plan.

Sweetly precious card with "Bluebell Sprite 2"
Mitzi: No style, or maybe it's better described as 'versatile'. :D I always admire this quality in people when I see it! I've noticed that you are very good at focusing in on one aspect of an image and expand that into the overall design theme. You certainly have a wonderful knack for it. Next question. When you're not coloring and crafting, what do you enjoy doing?

Sandra: This is going to sound a bit strange, but I love to work alongside my Hubby in the garage as a mechanic. We love to fix old Volkswagen's, and I also love photography.

Beautifully restored VW's by Sandra & her Hubby
Mitzi: I love it! (The 'hidden talent' question she dodged gets answered here, too! lol) It is an unexpected answer perhaps, but delightful! It's always great for a couple to have a hobby/activity they can do together. ^^ How cool is that!! OK. Next question. I saw on your FB profile that you're a fan of Miami Ink (I'm a big fan, too!). Do you have any tattoos on you? Or maybe you're like me -- just adore the art form, think that the people who make them and have them are fascinating, but do not have them on themselves?

Sandra: I am a big fan of tattoo art, and I do have a tattoo. It took me along time to pluck up the courage to have one, though am not a fan of pain! lol

Sandra's tattoo
Mitzi: Awesome! Thanks for letting us take a peek at your lovely tattoo! I love to design tattoos for clients, but I have none on me. Part of my problem is that I cannot seem to settle on one definitive design choice... I may be sticking with Sharpie tattoos. lol OK, next question.  What is your favorite genre of movies? (random)

Sandra: I like to watch action /thrillers, but don't do horrors.

Mitzi: If you can choose to be any animal for a day, what would it be? (random again!)

Sandra: Gosh, animal for a day would have to be something that gets plenty of rest as I don't get much.

Mitzi: May I suggest a cuddley sloth as your choice then? XD Or a newborn kitten.

Free wallpaper at
*squee* OK.  Moving onto the next question.   What is your favorite art tool and why?

Sandra: It would be my pens as find colouring so relaxing .

Sandra's beautiful card with "Diamonds"
Mitzi: Just for fun, when you were little, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Sandra: I wanted to be a nurse and did EMI* nursing for a long time until I had my first child. *EMI = Elderly Mentally Infirm
Another lovely card by Sandra with "Peace Rose"
Mitzi: I always ask this question to see how different what you wanted to be and what you are.  In your case, you got to be what you wanted to be as a child.  That's awesome, Sandra!  Here's my last question. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to go visit?

Sandra: I have always wanted to visit Germany, and am hoping to get there in the next couple of years.

Mitzi: I am not surprised by your answer after seeing your restored VW photos and can just imagine where you guys might be visiting and what you'll be doing in Germany. XD That will be great fun for you! Thank you so much for your time with this interview, Sandra! It was fun getting to know you. Now I would like to showcase some more of your lovely cards for our readers here.

Stunning card with "Beloved"
Lovely sunshine with "Rose Fairy"
Gorgeous coloring on "Himalayan Blue Poppy"
Wonderful interpretation on "Crimson Wings"
Just PRECIOUS! with "Sleepy Bunny Elf"
Wonderful display with "White Poppies"
I hope you enjoyed my interview with Sandra as much as I did. Thank you so much for joining us today! I will be back next Monday with Designer Interview #4 with Lorraine Craig Mackie. Hope you can join us!! 

Till next time, happy coloring~!!



Stunning and beautiful creations Sandra love that you and hubby like fixing volkswgons
Hugs Dianne xx :-)

DonnaMundinger said...

Amazing art and such fun facts, Sandra! So enjoyed getting to know you better. xxD

Avril Ann said...

Fantastic interview with Sandra, she is one of the people whose blog I really love to visit xxx